27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor – Which One To Choose?

Nowadays, there is a common question which is something like 27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor going on. There are some related queries also been discussed like 27 Inch vs 32 Inch Monitor For Gaming and 27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Video Editing etc. In this post, we are going to give you a detailed answer to these questions.

Working at a desk for too long can be bad for your health. You start to feel stiff and sore in places where you never knew existed before, like behind your neck or lower back. Headaches become more common as well due to excessive screen time. To avoid being in this position of having one too many monitors, it’s imperative to get the right kind.

When you are deciding on which monitor size is best for your needs, there will be some decisions to make among three different sizes – 27 or 32. Although you can go with 24-inches, we prefer 27 or 32 inches to be your last choice.

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27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor

Choosing between a 27-inch vs 32-inch monitor is one decision you’re likely to make if you’re a content writer, software engineer, gaming enthusiastic, or a graphic designer – well basically anyone who uses a desktop or multiple displays. Whether you decide on the size of your screen will affect how pleasant and enjoyable your system setup can be. Research reviews on each size and tries them out to see which one works best for you!

27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor
27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor

27 Inch vs 32 Inch Monitor Size Comparison

When selecting a monitor, what matters most is the diagonal measurement of the screen. A 27-inch monitor does not necessarily mean it is 27 inches across; however, you can find out how big these monitors are here. 

The measurement is calculated by looking at the measurements of the top left corner to the bottom right corner of a digital screen, which means that on a 27 inch or 32 inch monitor, this distance will always be less than 27 inches or 32 inches.

Why 27 Inch Monitor?

27-inch monitors are still one of the most common and familiar screen sizes today. They come in various resolutions, for a variety of purposes, such as office work or gaming. This size of monitor is perfect for people who want a big display without taking up too much space. Text will still look sharp even when you’re viewing 1080p content or playing the latest 4k games. Overall it could be your choice if you don’t want a big sized monitor.

Why 32 Inch Monitor?

If gaming is what you are into then a 32-inch monitor can take your gaming experience to the next level. It could be a ideal monitor size for programmers and video editors as well. Also if you want to use a single monitor, then the 32-inch display will work well if you have enough room for it on your desk.

27 Inch vs 32 Inch Monitor For Gaming

Gamers are constantly looking for what they can’t find, and as such, they don’t want to miss anything. So do they need a wide display? Nope! They just need one that sits right in front of them so they can be aware of everything going on around them.

The size of the monitor many professionals use for gaming is typically set at 24 inches in order to meet tournament standards. If you’re looking at a screen between 24-27 inches wide will make it easier to see everything on the monitor since it takes less effort to focus on one spot.

27 Inch vs 32 Inch Monitor For Gaming
27 Inch vs 32 Inch Monitor For Gaming

Gaming on a screen larger than 27 inches can cause problems when it comes to looking at the display. With such a large screen, gamers are often forced to turn their heads from side to side in order to see everything that they need. Gaming becomes difficult when the screen size is too large like if you have a 32-inches monitor or larger than that because it’s difficult to stay focused on every detail of the game.

But all of this does not deny the fact that a large television size of at least 32 inches is recommended if you’re gaming on consoles like PlayStation or Xbox.

27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Video Editing

When working with video editing tools, one finds that it is much easier if one uses a large screen because there is simple science that the bigger the screen bigger the productivity.

27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Video Editing
27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Video Editing

To ensure quality video editing, the most important factor to consider is your monitor. If it doesn’t show you the correct colors, then all of your time and effort would go down the drain. Colors are a very important factor to take into account especially if one is into grading and stuff. When purchasing a monitor for video editing, it is necessary to take many different elements into consideration.

27 Inch vs 32 Inch Monitor For Work

It is important to choose the right size monitor depending on what you plan to do. For example, if you are doing data entry for a prolonged period of time, it might be best to use one of the larger monitors available; whereas if you are only typing out an email or working on formatting documents then it would make sense to use one of the smaller monitors

27 and 32 monitors are both large displays suitable for doing work. Researching still requires looking up sources and keeping those sources open while making sure to read an enormous amount of information from various credible sources. Having the opportunity to use multiple windows and view them next to each other helps make reading, comparing, and quoting sources much simpler. More information can be seen at one time by having all these data points visible without having to scroll through so many tabs.

For writing or editing purposes, the larger the monitor size, the better visibility of all sources. 32-inch monitors are great for opening more than one program window at once, reducing frustration when you have to switch between windows.

A 27-inch monitor would be ideal if your job doesn’t require frequent tab switching or anything else that may take up too much of your screen time.

27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Coding

Programmers are often found in front of many computers at once. For one thing, they require many different screens to display multiple parts of the code; furthermore, they sometimes need to switch between two or more programs at the same time.

27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Coding
27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Coding

In order to increase the efficiency of programming, monitors with larger screens like 32-inches are highly recommended because you can view both codes and documentation at the same time.

27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Photo Editing

It would be easy to assume that a large screen will always yield better results than a smaller one. However, it is not always the case when it comes to image editing. Pixels are important and how many there are can make or break your experience as well. A wide LCD monitor with low resolutions can prevent you to see all of the details on your computer whereas a smaller one may have higher resolutions but not offer enough space for you to work comfortably.

27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Photo Editing
27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Photo Editing

I will suggest either a 27-inch monitor for photo editing. Larger displays are also available and they often come in affordably priced packages. However – while it may look good on paper – there is little to no benefit when using them for image editing purposes.

27 Or 32 Inch Monitor For Watching Content

Cinema halls are preferred for viewing movies because nothing can compare to the effect of what it feels like to watch a movie on a big screen. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as sitting in an oversized chair and being able to see the action from every angle possible. When deciding between the two monitors, I usually go for the larger screen which would be a 32 inch monitor or larger.

27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor
27 Inch Vs 32 Inch Monitor

Factors Of A Monitor Which It Depends Upon

You may be wondering what the difference is between a 27-inch and 32-inch monitor. There are two qualities you will want to look for

1. Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio dictates how wide or tall a monitor will be. In both 27 and 31-inch monitors, the standard aspect ratio is 16:9.

2. Size Of Bezel 

The bezel size is the outer edge of your monitor surface that can cover part or all of the screen depending on how big it is. You cannot include the bezel size when you are determining what size monitor you want because they vary in sizes just like monitors do. You need to take the bezel size into account when deciding on either a 27 or 32 monitor, since this will dictate how much desk space you’ll need for its placement.

The Bottom Line

And now you know how to choose which monitor will work best for your individual needs. Deciding whether or not the 27-inch or 32-inch monitor is best is largely dependent on what exactly you are planning to use it for.

The 27-inch monitors are a perfect size for those who want something bigger than a typical laptop screen but not quite as big as most computer screens. It is recommended for normal home and office use.

But if you’re a professional who needs an excellent screen for work, such as presentations, photo editing or video production work, then a 32-inch monitor is worth considering.


Does a 32-inch monitor too big for a home office?

Depending on what kind of work you’re doing at your home office, the size of monitor you choose will vary. If it’s something simple or routine, maybe a small screen will suffice? But if you’re researching or editing large files often, then a larger monitor would be necessary.

Is A 27 Or 32 Monitor Better For Gaming?

Playing games on a screen that is larger than 27 inches can prove difficult for players. Having to move your head back and forth in order to see everything leaves one unfocused and without complete control over the game. Games become even harder when you have a screen size of 32-inches or greater since there will be more space for one person to cover which makes it hard to keep track of all movements.

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