Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Your Hands? – Explained

Poor-made keyboards don’t take a long time to destroy your wrist and health. Before 2010, mechanical keyboards don’t occur. At odds, peoples use the physical keyboard. They won’t face any kind of problem by using them. When the online industry develops, many people know about it and work on it. Then they work on their pcs laptops and tablets the whole day. While working online they face lots of problems like their hands and wrist feeling pain. 

Every day there are lots of people in the US and UK report that they are diagnosed with CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

By seeing this many keyboard-making companies target the point that Is Mechanical Keyboards Better For Hands? Then they found that yes it may help to minimize it. After that ergonomically mechanical keyboards discover. Many companies made mechanical keyboard day by day and improved their quality. The first mechanical keyboard is made in 2011.

The first mechanical keyboard is reviewed by Bary, Joe. He is a professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy, at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, and publish his article.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Your Hands?
Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Your Hands?

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Is Mechanical Keyboard Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In 2018, Health and Safety Executive team worked on carpel tunnel syndrome. The research 30 different types of people in the Philippines. They conduct the Kruskal-Wallis H test. It is a nonpargramtic test that gives stats between variable and non-variable dependents. They give three types of keyboards to them Membrane keyboards, Regular keyboards, and Mechanical keyboards. They are shocked to see that most of the problem of CTS occurs due to Keyboards type. They absorb three different things in their research.

  • Typing Speed 
  • Typing Accuracy
  • Hand pain

They are shocked to know the fact. They see that most people that work other than mechanical keyboards are diagnosed with CTS. According to the stats that are represented by Research Gate. Most people best work on a mechanical keyboard rather than another keyboard. The stats that are observed are listed below.

  • Most types of people have high typing speeds on the Mechanical keyboard.
  • Most of the highest accuracy in typing can be noted in a mechanical keyboard.
  • Mechanical keyboards minimize wrist pain and are better for CTS.

After the research, they conclude that mechanical keyboard treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a better way and protects people from wrist pain. They also said that typing speed and accuracy are more on the mechanical keyboard rather than another keyboard. Mechanical keyboards minimize the risk of wrist pain and hand pain.

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What Are Mechanical Keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are those keyboards that contain switches below their keys. These keyboards are made specially to reduce the risk of CTS and also to improve typing and accuracy in typing. These keyboards are specially made for gamers and professional workers. Those who work a long time in front of brighter screens prefer mostly Mechanical keyboards. These keyboards contain lights along with switches that give them a cool look. 

These are made for those who type hourly day by day and even till the year’s end. If you are not professional and use the keyboard for short time you may go with a regular keyboard also.

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Shocking Difference Between Regular And Mechanical Keyboards

There are lots of differences between Regular and mechanical keyboards. Most of the important differences that make you shocked are given below with bullets.

  • The most regular keyboard is made up of gel-like rubber pads that make hand pain if you use them for a long time.
  • The mechanical keyboard contains switches that feel smooth to touch and minimize hand pain 
  • Regular keyboard cause CTS while Mechanical keyboards minimize and treat CTS.
  • Mechanical keyboards enhance your typing speed and accuracy as compared to regular keyboards.
  • In mechanical keyboards, sensors are placed along with switches which produce sound and by this, you easily recognize the key.

Here is the best difference with proof and answer your question Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Hands?

It is evident in the results that are given by the health and safety executive research team. There are the proper stats are published by

The lowest pain level in the hands and wrist are shown by Mechanical Keyboards’ mean rank of (19.47) and the highest pain level can be shown by laptops’ keyboards whose mean rank is approximate (43.44).

Types of Mechanical Keyboards

There are three types of mechanical keyboards. Everyone is specific in one field. Here we discuss all that is related to that mechanical keyboards.

Linear Mechanical keyboard

This mechanical keyboard is specially made for gaming. Lanier mechanical keyboards are only for gamers that do streams and gaming all day. This keyboard contains switches along with light beneath keys. This type of machine cannot produce any sound because it may cause trouble while gaming. it is specially made for gamers

Tactile Mechanical keyboard

This keyboard is specially made for typing and to improve typing skills. It will help you to type quickly. It contains switches along with sound sensors that can help you to understand the key while typing and recognizing it with sound.

Clicky Mechanical keyboard

This type of keyboard is also best for typing it is specially made for those who want to type fastly. It is specially made for those who can speed up their typing and also put an accuracy factor in it.

Which One To Choose?

Tactile and clicky mechanical keyboards are best for typing because they give feedback when pressing the keys. It is important due to give feedback they also minimize errors. It helps the typists to type quickly without seeing the keys by understanding the feedback of the keys and typing fastly.

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Is Mechanical Keyboards Better For Hands?

Yes, a mechanical keyboard is better for your hands as well as for your wrist. There are lots of factors that affect your health and also your hand if you use a regular keyboard. Mechanical keyboards help your hands to set in a natural position. Mechanical keyboards minimize strain beneath your figures while pressing the keys. This help to improve your typing and also improve your posture which helps your ankle in a natural posture.

A mechanical keyboard is better for hands because it is specially made for them. It also reduces the amount of noise that causes stress while you are gaming. According to research in the Philippines, the best pain reducer for hands and wrists is the mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are specially provided to minimize wrist stress and fingure stress.

  • Mechanical keyboards contain wrist pads that can reduce the pressure exerted on your wrist.
  • This keyboard also reduces figure stress that can occur when your figures are not in the proper natural dimension. Mechanical keyboards are specially made to reduce figure stress by making soft keys. When you press the softened keycaps of the mechanical it required half force greatly showing that it is completely worth it that the Mechanical keyboard is better for your hand.

Why Use Mechanical Keyboard For Hands?

There are lots of factors that help you out that Mechanical keyboards are better for hand. Some of the major pros of mechanical keyboards can be discussed below.

  • It provides the best comfort level because the keys are larger and also spaced. That provides a comfort level to you. Additionally, you can type properly without looking below.
  • It is more durable than a membrane keyboard. Each switch in mechanical keyboards are correlate with millions of keystrokes as compared to a regular keyboard. If you play lots of games then a mechanical keyboard is better for your hand as compared to the regular one.
  • A mechanical keyboard is better for typing than a compared regular keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are made with engineered data that they collect from different experiments and research. Engineers made this for products that are better for typing and fulfill all the aspects.
  • It feels better while you typing and you feel relaxed while typing on a mechanical keyboard.
  • Many mechanical keyboards contain Marcos and backlights that give stylish look to your setup if you are a gamer.

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Drawbacks If you Use Mechanical Keyboard For a Long Time?

There are a few draws backs that you must know about it. As we know that no product is 100% correct. Here some are of the drawbacks of mechanical keyboards while you are using them for a long time. 

  • Mechanical keyboards are more expensive as compared to a normal keyboard.
  • These keyboards are best for games but they contain some extra things that you must require to operate the different commands.
  • It may cause More Pain if you choose the wrong keyboard that is not according to your hand.
  • It may occur in different sizes and you need carefully to select according to your need.
  • You don’t need a mechanical keyboard if you are not working on your computer because it is more expensive compared to a normal keyboard.

How To Select Mechanical Keyboards

There are some tips that we recommend to you while buying a mechanical keyboard.

  • Find the best companies that can provide high-quality keyboards.
  • There are a lot of sites that give you budget-friendly keyboards
  • Buy low-profile keyboards as compared to regular keyboards.
  • Purchase shorter keycaps for your keyboard for better use.
  • Buy keycaps that reduce hand pain.
  • Select a keyboard according to your need like tactile clicky etc.
  • Buy hand pads (wrist pads) along with a keyboard according to your hand.

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Due to many pieces of research, it is shown that a mechanical keyboard is better for hands. Before knowing this I also use a regular keyboard instead of a mechanical keyboard. 

I feel pain in my hands as well as in my fingers when I work for a long time. I also refer to a doctor for this but nothing could happen then research it and found a major problem. When I realize that it is caused because of my keyboard. Then I convert it into a mechanical keyboard. I am shocked by seeing the result. I found that 85% of the problem is solved due to this conversion. Then I study more on it. Due to this, I feel I must educate you about this. That’s why I write this blog (Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Hand?) for you.


There are some of the major questions that I answer quickly.

What Type Of Keyboard Is Best For Your Hands?

The standard keyboard can cause more pain in your hands and wrists. A mechanical keyboard is best for your hands or even you prefer ergonomically keyboards that fells you a better experience and better for your hand.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards mostly produce sounds and also cause noise. The major disadvantage of a mechanical keyboard is that it produces a loud sound which will be ok for typists but not for gamers. So you need to choose a silent mechanical keyboard or prefer O-Rings that produce low sound.

Is It Better To Type On A Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards use mostly for typing purposes. In mechanical keyboards, switches are present instead of rubber below the keys which can help any typist to write quickly and improve their typing speed.

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