Top 10 Best Portable Projectors For Business Presentations In 2022

Looking for best portable projectors for business presentations to dazzle your audience? When it comes to finding a great projector for your presentation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled this list of top 10 best portable projectors for business presentations available in the market today – whether you’re looking for something affordable or high-end we’ve got you covered!

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Top 10 Best Portable Projectors For Business Presentations In 2022

The best portable projectors for business presentations are ideal for work because of their ability to display information clearly and accurately, but they’re also great entertainment devices when you can’t be near your big screen TV. These collapsible screens are very easy to transport anywhere. They can be folded up and taken with you without taking up too much space in your car or luggage. What these smaller screens lack in size they make up for in content production.

Best Business Projectors Buying Guide

List of best portable projectors for business presentations 2022

  • ViewSonic M1
  • ViewSonic PA503S
  • Hompow Mini Projector
  • AAXA P7 Mini Projector
  • LG PF50KA
  • 1080P HD Fangor Projector
  • BenQ EH600 Wireless 1080p 
  • Optoma ML750e
  • Optoma GT1080HDR
  • ViewSonic M1+

Without further delay let’s dive into our top picks as far as  best portable projectors for PowerPoint presentations is concerned. Keeping in mind, all these suggestions are here after complete research and analysis in the market and we don’t hit arrows in the dark. These suggestions are the best available products in the market right now.

1. ViewSonic M1 – Best Portable Projector For Business

With automatic keystone correction, enough storage, and being able to play media off of a USB thumb drive; the ViewSonic M1 Portable is a great option for those looking for an outdoor home theater projector.

A lot of people don’t know that this projector is powered by an everyday charger. This lightweight, the portable device makes it easy to give presentations all day without worrying about running out of juice – since it has a long lamp life and can work for up to five hours straight before needing a change! As if the great battery life wasn’t enough – this projector also packs some serious light! A bright bulb combined with intense LEDs ensures that no one will be squinting or wandering off in boredom during your presentation.

best portable projector for business
Best Portable Projectors For Business Presentations

With a brightness of 3200 lumens, the ViewSonic M1 isn’t as bright as other projectors on the market. Still, it projects an impressive image and is perfect for use in both business settings or even just at home because of its portability.

You’ll never run out of space on this projector. With a capacity for 16GB worth of files, a USB-C port, and an input for ordinary thumb drives–you can store all the pictures or videos you’ll ever need without ever worrying about running out of storage. Plus, it is easier than ever to connect any USB-C compatible device and watch your favorite movies right away!

Coming in at roundabout 300$, the ViewSonic M1 offers an excellent price-to-quality ratio. It may not be as bright as other projectors out there, but it has a crisp brightness that is sufficient for most business presentations without being too overpowering or drawing away from your presentation.

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2. ViewSonic PA503S – Best Portable Projector For Business Presentations

The ViewSonic PA503S is a projection solution that can go anywhere your work takes you, providing high-quality projections at an affordable price. This device is lightweight enough to carry around, but tough enough to withstand water damage and scratches. It also has powerful speakers built in, so it’s ideal for business presentations in both indoor and outdoor environments – even when there isn’t internet connection.

For a projector, with a 1080p light source and ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor technology, the slightly more expensive PA503S scores high for its color display. This projector has 3800 lumens brightness and is much brighter than its counterpart, the ViewSonic M1+, which has 300 lumens.

best portable projector for business presentations
Best Portable Projectors For Business Presentations

The ViewSonic PA503S has a really good adjustability for the price. It offers vertical keystone correction adjustments, but does not include side-to-side horizontal adjustment features. Regarding image size and throw distance, the ViewSonic PA503S features a premium metal zoom slider with a 1.1x optical zoom lens, which is nice but not as good as other Epson EX7240 models with quality 2.1x to 3.5x optical len schemes.

The ViewSonic PA503S is a great value for budget shoppers because it’s brighter than other, cheaper models on the market. Plus, the input latency is less than 50ms, which is an affordable price for this product.

We are going to focus on the durability of this lamp. The main component that fails is the lamp. As we mentioned before, ViewSonic advertises 15000 hours of lifespan for the lamp, which can be reduced to 9000 due to SuperEco mode where brightness can decrease as much as 30%.

The ViewSonic PA503S is the best projector you can find in the budget segment. All other cheaper projectors come with very low brightness lamps, and even higher input latency than 50ms. The ViewSonic PA503S projector is a good option if you need a high-resolution projector, but don’t want the noise of an old fan.

The ViewSonic PA503S is a high-quality projector for business use that has excellent picture quality. For example, it keeps its black levels at acceptable levels while also maintaining impressively bright whites.

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3. Hompow Mini Projector – Best Budget Projector For Presentations

For a budget-friendly option, look no further than the Hompow Mini Projector. This projector is one of the most advanced on the market. It supports 1920x1080P high resolution and lasts up to 50,000 hours. This is a great way to enjoy movies with you friends and family in your home theater!

This projector has a throwing distance from 5 to 16.6 feet and screen size from 50 to 176 inches, so it can work well in various sized rooms. This projector is designed for all of your needs! It’s compatible with both iOS and Android, has an HDMI port, as well as VGA, USB, and Memory Card ports – so it can support any type of device you’re using.

Hompow Mini Projector
best budget projector for presentations

A powerful, bright light that can project images in all conditions – even during high-contrast scenes – is what you’ll find with this high-quality projector. With features like 1080p HD resolution and LCD projection technology for great video and image quality, it’s no wonder the lamp–which gives you up to 3,600 lumens of brightness–is rated for up to 50,000 hours of life! This means the projector will last for years without needing a replacement bulb or filter!

The impressive noise reduction technology of these speakers provide crisp, clear sound for all of your presentations or any kind of video content you are watching. The light and thin weight design of few pounds makes it easy to transport and use no matter where you are or where ever you go!

With an adjustable height and tilt, the bottom part of a projector can be connected to a tripod. This way you can set up the tripod while testing the projector on both flat surfaces – like walls and ceilings – which will allow you to see how clear the images are.

In short, this amazing projector with the price tag of less than 100$ and more than seven thousand reviews on amazon along with the super 4.5/5 star ratings has everything in it. Now you know where to go.

4. AAXA P7 Mini Projector – Best Mini Projectors For Business Presentations

Introducing AAXA P7 Mini Projector with Battery, another pocket projector. This amazing stuff from AAXA is mini and thin in size and is portable no matter wherever you want to move it or want to travel a lot of distance keeping this within your pocket or suitcase.

this projector has a large screen size of up to 120 inches when there is low light and 80 inches when there is natural light; conveniently located at the top, the projectors controls are made especially easy to use so you can effortlessly put on an uninterrupted presentation.

AAXA P7 Mini Projector
Best Mini Projectors For Business Presentations

Despite being small, this mini projector still holds some impressive capabilities. It boasts 1080p HD resolution, DLP technology for the most clear and crisp images – even at nighttime when we don’t want to turn on all the lights; With an LED light lasting up to 30,000 hours and producing an astonishing 600 lumens of brightness – you’ll never struggle with video quality again!

Conveniently, this device can turn on and off quickly when needed. Meetings are never fun but thanks to this projector, things will at least be a little easier. You can start without having to wait forever for the small device to finally power up, and you don’t need an outlet because it’s powered by its own built-in rechargeable battery that will last up to 2 hours – perfect for when a presentation runs long!

This little gadget has so many features packed in one small device! it offers an onboard media player for all of your videos as well as connections for HDMI, mini-VGA, composite video, USB, and even microSD cards! All this can be found in the super thin screen which delivers high quality sound through its brilliant speakers.

If you’re looking for an ultra-portable projector that can fit in the palm of your hand, look no further than the AAXA P7 Mini Projector. It measures 4.7 x 4.4 x 2.7 inches and only weighs 1 lb., so you can bring it everywhere without sacrificing space or weight limits on carry-on luggage.

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5. LG PF50KA – Portable Business Projector

The LG PF50KA is a well-designed projector that offers great quality and versatility. Available in three different colors, you can easily find one to match your unique style or space. You won’t have to worry about running out of power either thanks to the built-in battery – perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle we all lead today!

With the LG Smart TV Interface, you can stream your favorite media from popular applications such as Netflix and Prime Video directly from the projector without having to connect it to other devices. With this easy-to-use interface design, it will allow for seamless content streaming regardless of which app you’re using.

best portable projector for business presentations
Best Portable Projectors For Business Presentations

The high-tech features of this lit projector are ready for your entertainment needs! The LG PF50KA has 2x HDMI ports to support devices such as game consoles, computers, Blu-ray players, and media streaming devices. You’ll also find an Ethernet jack to connect your device at higher speeds and a TV antenna port so you can use the television without running cable all over the house.

With its automatic Keystone Adjustment, the LG PF50KA ensures that you’ll always get a perfect rectangle projection – no matter what situation you’re in. When your screen is too big or too small for the space around it or if there are obstacles obstructing your set-up, such as furniture in the way, the projector automatically adjusts to make sure everything looks just right.

This light weight yet powerful flashlight, weighing only 2.2 lbs., can provide 600 ANSI lumens and a connection to LAN ports with TV antennas included. With automatic keystone correction and an on-board smart UI (user interface), this gadget has it all. Ideal for taking on camping trips or emergency situations where there are multiple duties needing to be accomplished at once such as walking in darkness while still making your way forward – so don’t forget power limitations, the LG PF50KA won’t!

This is a great buy for the cost, but the only downside is just don’t expect it to sound as good as high-end speaker systems. And there’s no ‘Zoom’ feature so make sure that fits with what you’re looking for before buying!

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6. 1080P HD Fangor Projector – Best Portable Projector For Teachers

It is worthwhile for you to have this 1080p HD FANGOR Projector to enjoy your Home entertainment and as gift to your friends.

This product is a stunner! There’s no need to worry about durability or weight because it will fit in just about anywhere. This size means you won’t have a hard time finding room for the portable unit. Not only does the machine come with an included tripod but also a carrying case – both of which make set up easy and convenient! This weighs only 2.8 lbs which makes t even more decent and a perfect presentation projector.

This high definition projector is what you need if you want to watch your favorite films and series on a huge screen. With an impressive LUX of 7800 and brightness up to 1000 ANSI lumens, this device will impress you! Be sure that all your video content looks razor-sharp thanks to its 1080p Full HD resolution while enjoying pure colors. And if you still don’t know how powerful it is – just try connecting it to your laptop or tablet through either Wi-Fi or USB cables!

1080p HD FANGOR Projector
Credits: Walmart

The projector works great with so many different sources of input – with HDMI, AUX, VGA and other connections. And it can even work wirelessly through bluetooth and wifi! Watch movies at home or streaming anything on your computer right to your television! And as an added bonus, because the projector has its own built-in speakers, you won’t need to carry around a separate set of speakers for concerts or movies!

Visuals in movies played at an excellent 1080p resolution and sound was very clear from this little projector. I even tried out different mediums like cable television, a wireless connection, Blu-ray player, HDMI wire (compatible with laptop), etc… And there wasn’t anything it couldn’t do.

The Bluetooth sounds coming from UE Megaboom decent, but the volume levels were barely enough for an outside environment. However, when I plugged it up to a smaller subwoofer and extra speaker; it became noticeably louder than before and had much improved sound quality.

The remote’s pros has some amazing story. It includes many features such as being able to adjust the brightness and contrast of pictures, which is useful for people who like watching movies during day time but become unappealing once it gets dark outside.

Check out this amazing video how to get the best picture from any projector, this will really helpful.

7. BenQ EH600 Wireless 1080p Portable Projector

BenQ designed a smart projector for business applications with a brightness of 3,500 lumens and an energy-efficient lamp life. It is capable of displaying in Full HD and projecting at 1,920 x1,080 pixels.

The EH600 has a suite of features to improve productivity in meetings. You can wirelessly display content through wireless projection technology and eliminate the need for cables.

Allow PowerPoint, Excel and Word to be shown through the WPS Office app, compatible with USB devices and the projection. With Firefox browser compatibility, meeting attendees can go onto the internet during meetings.

BenQ EH600 Wireless 1080p Portable Projector
Best Portable Projectors For Business Presentations

The BENQ EH600 is perfect for the corporate meeting room. BenQ was the first manufacturer to create a projector with Android integration, and it’s currently ranked as the #1 most popular projector on Amazon. For just $999, you’ll also have access to HD video streaming and remote access support.

The BenQ EW800ST for classrooms with a DLP, high definition resolution, and smart capabilities; the EH600 for meetings rooms with WXGA (1280 x 800) LCD resolution. With wirelessly projecting capabilities, you can present PowerPoint and PDF files via USB devices. You can do this with the touch of a button regardless if you have a PC or Mac/iOS.

Built-in with an Android OS, the EH600 not only has an external Android smart dongle with 16GB of internal memory, but it also has a Wireless Dongle that can be updated wirelessly. The projector is 100% up to date because of “Over-the-Air” updates.

The EH600 is a compact, smart projector that costs less than the competition. It provides up to 15,000 hours of lamp life, and a brightness that can compete with those costing much more.

8. Optoma ML750e

The Optoma ML750 Portable LED Projector is perfect for personal use or business. This projector has all the power you need to immerse yourself in whatever you’re doing, whether that be watching TV on your own couch at home or giving presentations to small crowds while working from home; but also happens to pack up so easily it fits right inside your suitcase!

Compared to many projectors, this Optoma has an impressive native resolution at 1280 x 800. You’ll need a professional-grade projector viewer for a presentation on a large screen. While it may not be as bright as a full-sized projector, it can still produce a bright image in a darker conditions. It is serviceable for personal presentations.

Because of its small and compact size, the Optoma ML750 does not have many adjustments available. It also has some digital corrections for when you are having trouble seeing things or need to move around – these corrections can only happen on one side. Though you cannot use a PC with this projector, there are many different ways to connect your mobile device through an HDMI cable so that you can watch movies or give presentations without needing any screens at all!

Optoma ML750e
Best Portable Projectors For Business Presentations

The Optoma ML750 is a portable projector that comes with a remote control. The focus and zoom are built into the projector, which means you’ll be less likely to damage it (and it’s also easy to take with you). The casing of the projector is sleek and sturdy.

The ML750 is an excellent option for travellers and those with limited space. The downside to this is that you will need to purchase dongles for connectivity and external speakers, which can be expensive.

This may not be the best pocket projector, but it does its job well. The Optoma ML750 has a powerful LED light source and can project videos without having to hook up any wires at all. Even though there are downsides to this model (the weak remote control and extra equipment needed), those who buy it will have no problem justifying their purchase when they see how well it performs at such an affordable price point.

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9. Optoma GT1080HDR – Optoma Best Gaming Projector

With its compact size, the Optoma GT1080HDR will be a great addition to your boardroom or conference room. With its minimalistic design, it can easily fit into even the tiniest of spaces without compromising on quality projections at all!

Whatever you’re using a projector for, it’ll be easier to work with if you’re able to see clearer images that are sharp and crisp. This technology from Optoma brings out colors in ways never seen before, bringing more clarity to them than ever before and making them seem so much closer than they were before.

Now, the Optoma GT1080HDR doesn’t have the highest resolution out there. It can play 4K content but its native resolution is 1080p, which is about as good as normal HD TV shows these days. And while you might think that the image would look blurry or grainy due to this lower resolution- well it really doesn’t at all thanks to its high contrast ratio and great display of color contrasts which make up for any lack in clarity due to a slightly lower quality video output.

optoma best gaming projector
optoma best gaming projector

This projector has an astounding low input lag of 8.4 milliseconds, making it even faster than some high-end gaming projectors! With a 120 Hz refresh rate, this projector eliminates all delay between what you see on the screen and your input.

This Optoma GT1080HDR comes with a remote that is great for navigation – even if you lose it. It also has controls on the projector, just in case of an emergency. The menus are all very intuitive and simple to maneuver through; if you’re looking for something specific, simply use the handy menu map located at the back of this manual.

You can’t go wrong with the Optoma GT1080HDR! It’s got plenty of present display options for different surfaces, and Wall Color mode will make sure your presentation goes smoothly – no matter what surface you’re projecting on.

The Optoma GT1080HDR is the best projector for gamers in the under-$1,000 price point. You won’t find many projectors with a low input lag under $1000. Whether it’s playing graphics intensive or fast paced games, you’ll never have an issue because of how consistent and high quality this product is.

10. ViewSonic M1+ Portable Projector – Best ViewSonic Projector

If you’re looking for a cheap 1080p projector, the M1+ will fit right into your budget. With crisp high definition projection and excellent sound capabilities, this product is perfect for anyone who appreciates getting what they pay for.

The Viewsonic M1+ measures just 5.7 x 1.6 x 5 inches which is impressively small. The stylish design of the projector allows you to easily put it anywhere in your room. The host of ports on the projector allow for connectivity to external devices including a microSD slot and HDMI 1.4. You’ll be able to watch movies, shows, and more through these connections later. There are various types of ports, so you’re able to charge your product as well as connect it to a variety of sources.

best viewsonic projector
best viewsonic projector

Though it doesn’t offer many customization options, the M1+ has surprisingly great audio quality considering it only has 2 x 3-watt internal speakers. Despite its size and limited power, these compact speakers still manage to hit an impressive frequency range while sounding crisp and clean – even when they’re at full volume.

But let’s talk about the M1+’s battery life – it isn’t spectacular. You can expect around six hours of continuous usage from a single charge if there is no power source attached to it. If you’re looking for an uninterrupted amount of time, you’ll need to use this feature sparingly; lowering the overall luminosity of your screen while also making sure to lower its power usage.

Picture quality wise, the Viewsonic M1+ is fantastic. Whether it be 1080p or lower resolutions, this projector doesn’t disappoint. If you’re someone who watches a lot of YouTube videos – which has been set at either 1080p or 720p (the most common quality settings) – then this might just be your perfect match when watching films on demand or even live action TV shows.

Why you should get this product? well, the M1+ is so small that it can fit right in on your desk, bedside table or even countertop.

The Bottom Line

Our favorite projector is the ViewSonic PA503S. It offers high-quality pictures and an array of features that make it durable against damage. This model is equipped with many connectors, which makes it easy to install at various settings – making it great for presentations in just about any setting. And since it comes with a handy remote and carrying case, you’ll always know where your projector lives! But, if you want to have something cheaper or portability is something you are into then you should go for any one of the mini pocket projector mentioned above.

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Factors To Take Into Account Before Making Decision

If you’re looking for a projector just for business presentations, make sure it’s equipped with everything you need to get the job done. Different from projectors made specifically for classrooms or home theatres, this type should have features that enable it to function well in those settings – whether you’re presenting an idea at work or teaching your child about how light works. Below are some factors to take into consideration before going to choose best portable projectors for business presentations.

Image Quality

If you’re looking for best portable projectors for business presentations look no further than image quality. A great thing about some projectors is that they can display images at 4K resolution. Brightness levels are also often high so it can be used for watching HDR content on other platforms. The image quality ranges from 480p to 720p, which isn’t really bad if you think about the big screen TVs out there – just don’t forget your 2 meter distance or else things might look pixelated! Mini projectors don’t give off too much light so try to keep the lighting minimal when using it in brighter settings such as day time. Best to use them only at night time or with lowered shades!


Compatibility between devices is all dependent on ports. A wired projector can probably connect to most laptops, but phones or tablets are unlikely unless you have an adapter. Wireless projects can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so they are compatible with a wider range of devices.


For a home theater, the projector should come with an HDMI input and a headphone output. Additionally, most models today have bluetooth connectivity. Depending on the device, some will have an android-based operating system or support for Miracast, which allows you to wirelessly send content from your smartphone to the projector.

Wireless Or Wired

Wireless projectors give you more flexibility than traditional wired ones. They’re easy to transport, fast to set up, and they work with all of your favorite devices. But there are a few reasons why they aren’t as popular as the wired option. If you’re going to be using it outside of an area with strong Wi-Fi signal or if reliability is important, then a wired projector would work best for you.

Hours of Life

How do you measure your life? Is it through how many hours you’re able to shine before fading away? Likewise there is certain hours of life or lamp life of projectors as well. There are projectors that have anywhere from 1,500 hours up to 100,000. The number also varies depending on the type of lamp used in the projector; for example, an LED bulb could potentially live longer than a halide one.

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What projector should I buy for presentations?

Say goodbye to having to carry around an extra projector. For specifically presentations there is a lightweight yet reliable option is the ViewSonic PA503S. With two HDMI ports and three different VGA connector options, you can use this projector anywhere; even when travelling with a computer or laptop. And because it comes with features such as picture pre-set modes and built-in speakers, all you need is your laptop (or tablet) to start projecting straight away!

Which is the best projector for office use?

The Optoma ML750 portable projector is perfect for office use. You can take this projector anywhere with its incredible portability, and it doesn’t matter if you’re using it on your couch at home or in front of clients when you travel – because this thing is so powerful that no matter what, they will feel immersed in what they are doing.

Why are some projectors not recommended for PPT?

These recommendations for what projectors not to buy have lower prices and less brightness than other models on the market. If you want to watch movies or do smaller tasks then these affordable ones may be perfect for you but if you are looking for a projector primarily designed for PowerPoint presentations, we recommend saving up a little bit more money to buy one of our higher priced ones with higher brightness and better resolution.

How do I choose a projector for my business?

A projector with a light level between 2000-3000 lumens will be a perfect choice projector for your business. If the room is constantly dark or always well lit, choose one of these two extremes instead.

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