How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires – 10 Ways

It’s no surprise that cable management is important – one doesn’t want to see a tangled mess of wires every time they sit down at their desk. A clean workspace can take your productivity level to another level  This is why you should have a good & decent work desk. Messy wiring looks unsightly and can be hazardous, exposing it to injury or damage. Exposed wiring has been known to trip people up as well.  

Also, it takes time and effort to do proper cable management – routing and neatly hiding the wires. However, some people believe that this is not worth the hassle of their valuable time. But if you ask us then we will say you should give at least one try to hide those cables. Most of the people keep working with those messy cables around there. You can also do that as well but it’s not recommended at all.

In this post, we will tell you some simple, quick, and easy ways how can you do proper cable management of your desk. Although this post may contain some complex methods to fix the wiring of the workspace as well, you can ignore those methods if you don’t like them. I am sure after following our simple tips you won’t be searching that how to hide keyboard and mouse wires

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How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires

It is a bit strange that people work for years at different offices where they mostly work being seated on a chair, having a laptop in front of them having a bunch of cables around their laptop desk. And these don’t even look for how to hide keyboard and mouse wires if you’re not of them then consider yourself lucky because you are gonna fix those cables by reading this article. Let’s just begin with our first tip below.

How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires
How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires

1. Get Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

The best solution for all of this ridiculous situation would be to get a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. We live in such an era of advanced technology that there are best alternatives available to fix those cables & wires around your work desk. Wireless mice and keyboards work quite nicely under all circumstances. They have a lot of advantages like you can put them wherever you want without looking at the wire’s length or availability of port in order to connect them with your computer. 

This is the best and number one solution to pick as far as how to hide keyboard and mouse wires is concerned. The only downside is that you have to charge them up on a regular basis or they may be expensive for you. But, this is our recommendation, you skip to the next tip if you don’t like these wireless gadgets. But if you can afford them, we must give them a try.

2. Plastic Covering Is all You Need

one of the ways to get out of this wiring and the cables-like atmosphere is to use plastic covers to hide all these messy-looking cables instantly. It does not fully reduce cables like a hell but it is very handy in minimizing the cables to the most extent. These plastic covers are round-shaped wire or cable covers. Putting cables simply into them will let you have cleaner and amazing-looking desk work as it was never ever.

These plastic covers are easily available for purchase at most hardware stores. You can & have them with a negligible price. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your specific requirements.

How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires
How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires

Another perk of wire covers is that it is a simple way to keep your cords from tangling up when they’re in storage or being moved around. This helps protect the wire from wear and tear that can happen when it rubs against other wires or surfaces. 

3. Use Cable Ties

Another trick to hide all the mouse and keyboard cables will be to use cable ties to get your job done. Cable ties can be used to organize cords neatly. When bundled together, they take up less space and are less likely to become tangled when left unattended.

To use cable ties, one should first organize the cords by what they are used for. You may have a group of cords going to your monitor, another cord set going to your speakers, and a third cord set going to your printer.

Once you have your cables gathered together, use a cable tie to bind them tightly so they can’t slip out of place. The next step would be Pulling the ends of the tie tight and then cinching it down so that it creates a snug fit around your neck. The last step will be to repeat this process all over again until you are done with every cable out there.

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4. Having A Mouse & Keyboard Tray

A keyboard-mouse tray is a piece of furniture designed for holding your keyboard and mouse. Some types of trays attach to the bottom of a desk while others are free-standing. You can put all of your keyboards or mice there in it if you are into multiple systems working there. A keyboard and mouse tray can provide you with additional desk space as well as freedom of movement when using them.

How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires
How To Hide Keyboard And Mouse Wires

Keyboard trays provide a simple solution for hiding those pesky cables, making them less distracting and easier to find when you need them. Also, they have some built-in cable management features with them that allow you to keep your wires under control at all times – simply pull the cable through the slot or channel for an instant fix! A keyboard and mouse tray frees up your desk space while making typing easier on the hands, which decreases the risk of injury.

Check out the following amazing video to sort all the unnecessary cables by Shahzeek

5. Drill A Whole In Laptop Desk

If you’re looking for a longer-term solution to conceal your cables, try making an opening on your desk. This will let you route the cords through the hole and down into this space below your desk, where they are out of sight.

The only downside here is that you will need to have some drilling how and know, to go further else you won’t be able to accomplish this task. Call someone who has these drilling skills in case you don’t know.

6. Using Tape To Hide Cables

One way to hide your keyboard and mouse cords will be using tape to get that work done. It is not only an inexpensive but satisfying solution to hiding your cables. Tape is a handy way to organize cables around the office or at home being hidden behind your desk or under it.

Step one will be to collect all of your cords and organize them in one place. Next, you’ll use adhesive tape (or some other strong adhesive) to wrap each cord individually; make sure the tape is tight enough so that the cords are secured well.

When taping cords together, make sure to choose a tape color that blends in well so as not to be distracting. Clear tapes work best because they’re barely noticeable, but if you’re looking for something more specific then there are special cord management tapes available. So, that was one of the methods on how to hide keyboard and mouse wires.

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7. Be Equipped With Custom Cables

If you’re not interested in hiding your wires, why not invest in custom cables? You can specify how long they need to be, what color they should be, and even the type of connector. All of this means that you will be getting cables of the perfect length for your home or office, and there will be no excess wire to tangle up. Plus, you can choose a cable color that blends in with your décor making them even less likely to be visible.

There are also coiled cables that are specifically made to minimize cord clutter. With this type of cable, the excess length will contract back into a small coil when you’re done using it so that the cord doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

The downside here is that custom-made cables could cost more, but they will offer the perfect solution for your specific needs.

8. Own A Custom Desk Of Your Choice

If you’re looking for a quick way to tidy up those cords, building a custom desk might be the best solution. This is ideal for those who are just beginning anew or replacing an old one.

Building your own desk means you can add special features like wire grommets and cable troughs. This way, all of the cables are routed through a hole or channel underneath the desk- keeping them out of sight. You can construct the desk to suit your individual needs. You could add extra shelves or draw from for storing all of your office supplies as well.

Building a customized desk can be a time-consuming task, but the end result will be well worth it if you want a productive space to do your work. It might be a bit out of budget as well.

9. Using Already Made Routes

Another interesting way to deal with cables & wiring problems is to use keyboards and mice that have built-in cable routes. There was no way this could happen in the past, but now it is happening all the time – peripheral developers, manufacturers, and designers are using this technique.

Modern keyboards come with built-in cable routes for easy wiring of unwanted wires. These routes are usually hidden underneath the computer keyboard, waiting for you to plug in your cable and wrap them around to conceal them neatly out of sight.

10. Having A Electric Socket Near The Workstation

If you’re a regular computer user, then surely you know the importance of having multiple power sources close to your workstation. These outlets provide energy for the monitor, laptop, and other devices plugged into these machines like keyboards, mice, speakers – anything else a person could use while they’re sitting at their desk.

If you want to manage all of these cables without them becoming too troublesome, it is best that you start thinking about where the sockets will go first. The best way to hide the power cord is by attaching it at the bottom of the table so that no one will see its messy cable, making everything look as if there was never anything there.

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Closing Thoughts

With all of these amazing cable hiding techniques, staying productive and keeping my workspace clean has never been easier. It takes only a little bit of time from me every day to set up the cords behind my computer screen so they stay out of sight – but it’s worth it!

We hope that you have found this information to be informative and can use it to clean your workspace.


How do you hide keyboard and mouse wires?

There are a lot of methods and techniques to do this work. One of them is to have a custom laptop desk. That will help you set the cables and wires according to your workspace, this will lead to a reduction of cables and wires on the working desk. You can follow any of the methods above to hide keyboard and mouse wires.

Hiding all of your computer cables could be very tricky. It is something that is totally impossible. But, going with wireless equipment will definitely help. You can have a wireless keyboard and mouse to hide maximum cables at your laptop desk or workstation.

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