How To Make A Homemade Projector Without A Magnifying Glass 2022 – 6 Simple Steps

Want to know How To Make A Homemade Projector Without A Magnifying Glass? If yes then that is what this post is all about. Make sure to give it a full read.

Projection technology has advanced to such an extent that it’s now possible for viewers to watch movies and other content on a large screen using only one device. People are quickly switching from televisions to projectors which is why they’re fast becoming a popular form of media entertainment.

It can be hard to find the perfect projector at a budget-friendly price when working with limited funds. Even if you do manage to find one, it might not work outside unless it is plugged in.

However, if you are one of those people struggling to keep up with your own budget, do not fret! You will soon see how easy it is to make a projector using household items for a few dollars budget.

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How To Make A Homemade Projector Without A Magnifying Glass

Projectors are quickly becoming a household essential—starting with homes, schools, and offices. The popularity of this device has skyrocketed in recent years due to its number of uses.

How To Make A Homemade Projector Without A Magnifying Glass
How To Make A Homemade Projector Without A Magnifying Glass

In order to make a projector without a magnifying glass you will need to first have the some items to proceed further.

Equipment Needed To Make A Homemade Projector Without A Glass

How to create a homemade projector without using a magnifying glass may seem difficult at first glance, but it really is easy when you have all the materials needed. The following items is all you need to start the procedure.

  • Mobile Phone
  • Bulb
  • Empty Sneakers Box
  • Glue/Tape
  • Smartphone Stand
  • Pencil
  • Clear Water
  • Dark Paper
  • Blade/Knife

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Steps To Make DIY Homemade Projector Without Magnifying Glass

These following steps will help you make your dream projector without a magnifying glass at home with almost zero cost. Just make sure to follow these exact steps in particular order.

Step-1: Adjust The Bulb

Once you have gathered all of the materials needed, it’s time to start setting up your projector. First, place the lamp inside of an empty sneaker box or cardboard box. Just be sure to choose a box that is large enough to adjust both the distance & projected size. Then use the knife to remove the plastic end cap from the lightbulb. The next thing would be to take the box and bulb, flip it so that it rests on their small side on the table, then put the glass end of the bulb inside. Adjust the bulb properly. Ensure the bulb is positioned in the centre of the side before marking its location. Carefully mark where it should go with a pencil before removing it again.

Step-2: Keeping The Bulb At The Right Position

After locating the correct spot for the lightbulb, it was time to put it in its rightful box. Then, take your knife and carefully cut out the portion of the box you have marked with it. The next thing will be to cut the outline of the bulb perfectly so that it will fit inside. Be mindful when cutting through the cardboard. If you are a little kid, don’t forget to call one of your parents or an older sibling for assistance.

Once you’re finished cutting the section of the stem where you plan to plant the bulb, take care to set it securely on the ground and tape it down in its final resting place.

Step-3: Adding That Clear Water In The Bulb

After placing the bulb neatly in the box, the step would be to pour some clear and pure water inside the bulb until it is completely full. One thing you must keep an eye on is you are adding water into the bulb, not into the cardboard box or shoebox. So be very careful with this step.

Fill the bulb with water until it reaches its capacity, then seal it with tape or a bottle cap. Tape the filled bulb securely to where it needs to be. And that is where you are done with this step.

If you’re still confused, you can watch the following YouTube video, that will help.

Step-4: Constructing Stand For Your Smartphone

Now we are half a stage of the whole procedure on how to make a homemade projector without a magnifying glass or light bulb. There you need to manufacture or create a stand for your mobile phone out of cardboard or an empty sneaker box that you have already been using. And for this specific purpose, you will need to find a rectangular-shaped container or box that can fit perfectly against the side of the larger container. That’s where tape will comes into play and you will use it to make your mobile phone get attached with the sneaker box. Next, place the stand inside of the cardboard box and adjust it so that you can easily slide your phone back and forth.

Now if the stand can easily fit inside of the box, then we need to check if the box cover will also go back on. That’s why put the box lid on top of the box and cut out the section that needs to be removed from inside the bottle cap. After cutting the end off of the cardboard, put the lid back on.

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5. Put Black Paper On Box

You need to black out the inside of the box when you finish making it. A dark interior will not reflect any light, which means you can view the screen without outside interference. So, take your black paper and shape it so that it fits around the corners of the box. In order for this to stay together well, it is important that they are taped tightly.

How To Make A Homemade Projector Without A Magnifying Glass

If you lack matte black paper for this project, then feel free to use black paint. Cover the inside of the box thoroughly and allow it enough time to dry before removing your brush strokes from its surface. Make sure to keep the bulb and smartphone dry when painting inside the house.

6. Set Your Phone

And here we are at the last step before getting started with our homemade projector. Now that we’re finished making the projector, it’s time to take care of some final steps.

When projecting an image onto a wall from behind the glass, you will need to flip it upside down so that it does not appear inverted when viewed. As such, it is best to turn the video upside down when trying to find the appropriate position of an image on a wall.

You’ll be able to watch all of your favorite movies within just a few minutes of starting.

Most of cell phones today are capable of rotating between landscape and portrait orientations. If your phone does not have a screen rotation feature, then you may need to either purchase an app or download on your phone that allows screen rotation or flip the device upside down so it will work correctly in the box.

Run A Test First

Once you finish rotating the video just right, you will now be able to watch your favorite TV shows and sporting events on the television. See if the picture quality is up to par before going ahead with anything. If you notice that the image quality is low, try finding the perfect distance for your projector by moving your phone closer or farther away until you find a happy medium.

Keep one another thing in mind that you need to make sure you turn up the brightness of your phone. You may notice that this sound doesn’t make you feel very well, or isn’t pleasant to listen to. Eventually, it will be hard for you to understand what’s being said. In this situation, it is advised to use wireless external speakers that can produce a loud sound.

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Factors To Take Into Accounts Before Making A Homemade Projector

Creating a DIY projector is hassle-free and risk-free when done properly. There are a few things that one should take into consideration during the process;

  • To ensure safety, take all necessary steps before beginning the process.
  • Make sure everything is set up properly before installing the lightbulb into the box.
  • While you are working with sharp materials, please do not allow your children to come near the vicinity.
  • Carefully and slowly pour the water to avoid spilling it on the cardboard box.
  • Choose a box of suitable size so that you can move the mobile stand forwards and backward with ease.
  • When selecting paper for the inside of the box, try to go for a deep black matte paper.
  • Take care when using the knife.
  • It’s important to increase the brightness of your phone before playing any videos.

Final Words

So, now you are aware of how to make a homemade projector without a magnifying glass. This project can be done in the comfort of your own home and is quite novel and simple to make.

Projectors are commonly found everywhere nowadays, from offices and classrooms to homes. However, it can be difficult for those without the necessary tools or skills to make one themselves; particularly so when you do not have access to a magnifying glass.

A homemade projector is not the same as an official projector, but they are better than having no option at all. Projecting video clips onto a screen gives you the chance to entertain yourself by watching your favorite television shows and movies for free.


Can you make your own projector?

There is a one-liner answer to this question and that is yes, you can make your own projector at home. But it won’t be as effective as the original one but it is worth the try and you can make it from the above guide.

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