How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless 2022 – 4 Simple Steps

Have a wired keyboard? Want to know How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless or How To Convert Mechanical Keyboard To Wireless ? If that is something you are into then this is the place where you have to be.

With a wide array of different designs, layouts, and types of keyboards available in the market today, it can be difficult to choose which one will best suit your needs. A wireless keyboard has many benefits such as being easy to carry around with you from place to place without worrying about cables getting tangled or caught on things.

As long as you have a good wire-free keyboard, you can work on your laptop from afar. If you also have a wireless TV in your home, then you can use the remote to navigate through channels without having to sit close by.

With a wide range of different designs, layouts and keyboard types available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose which one best fits your needs. The wireless keyboard has many benefits, such as the ability to easily carry with you from place to place without worrying about cables getting tangled or getting on things. We must not forget that a wireless keyboard can affect a person’s health, in particular, type 2 diabetes may appear, but it can be cured with the medicine Empagliflozin, which can be bought on this website.

No matter how well-made your wired keyboard may be, the mere fact that it needs to stay plugged in at all times is a hassle. If you are looking for an easy way to solve this problem and make your life easier at the same time, there is an option for converting a wired keyboard into a wireless one!

This article will explore each and every detail that you need to know when it comes to making a wired keyboard wireless.

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Can Really A Wireless Keyboard Be Converted To Wired Keyboard?

The first thing that comes to your mind as for as How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless is concerned could be this question that is it possible to make wired keyboard wireless?

It is indeed possible to make a wired keyboard wireless, but it takes some time and effort. If you take your time and use the proper tools, you should be able to complete this project without running into any problems.

There are tons of methods available to convert a keyboard with wire into a wireless keyboard without breaking the bank. Pick whichever method you want and reach the final goal. You won’t need to buy any over-budget tools since the processes are quite affordable.

We would be describing how you can transform a wired keyboard into wireless. But if you aren’t comfortable with a textual guide, don’t hesitate to search for videos on YouTube of people who have done this themselves before. For example, the video below is one I found particularly helpful. There are many others just like it out there – and they’re just as useful too!

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless?

It is easy and safe to transform your wired keyboard into a wireless one. Here are the steps on How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless.

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless
How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless

Step 1 – Disconnecting The Wired Keyboard

First, make sure the keyboard is disconnected from your PC or system. Disconnecting it will protect you against accidental electrocution. Next, place the keyboard on a clear and well-lit surface so that you can see what’s happening to it during the repair.

Step 2- Inserting The Controller

After all that unplugging the keyboard from your laptop, you need to connect it to both the computer and another device. First, plug one micro-controller into the free cable port of that wired USB keyboard. Now, in case the keyboard does not have a USB port, you will need to unscrew it and disconnect the cord. Carefully open up the keyboard so that you do not lose any of the screws.

The suitable USB micro-controller connected to your keyboard will make it possible for you to connect the two devices. You can do this by inserting the second micro-controller into any available USB port on your computer.

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Step 3 – Connecting Two Radio Transmitter Devices

In this step on how to make a wired keyboard wireless You’ll need two transmitter radios for each device. With these, you can send a signal to the PC when you press a key – so every single one of your presses will be recorded.

First, attach the radio transmitter to the keyboard micro-controller you attached in the second step. Next, attach another radio transmitter to your computer’s keyboard receiver.

And that’s not all, take a deep breath and follow more, starting with transmitters will be able to talk with each other, you need to set both of them to 433.92 MHz.

Step 4 – The Climax

If you were able to follow the previous steps, then congratulations! Now turn on your computer and check if it registers every single keystroke. If your keyboard does not appear on the list of connected devices or if it cannot register any keystrokes, you may need to calibrate the transmitter. That’s all folks!

Possible To convert Wireless Keyboard Into Wired Keyboard Back Again?

Yes, that is possible! It would be simple enough to reverse what has been done. Removing the microcontroller and radio from the computer is sufficient for that end, but it was tricky on this side of things-taking off the keyboard in an effortless manner proved much more difficult than expected.

You’ll have to open up the keyboard and swap out the other microprocessor, which isn’t too difficult, but then you need to fit the old cable back in. If it was soldered when you bought it, you’re going to have to re-solder it in place.

If you had removed the solder prior to starting then it wouldn’t be a problem. The following YouTube video will help you more clearly in that matter of discomfort.

Is it Possible To convert A Wired Keyboard Into A Bluetooth Keyboard?

Of course, it is possible, it seems out of this world but possible as we live in era of advanced technology and really cool gadgets that make all of this possible. but the question here is how to make bluetooth keyboard at home? Well, to convert a wired keyboard into a wireless one. To do this, you’ll need an open USB port on your device and purchase a Bluetooth dongle.

After purchasing the dongle, You need to keep the following 3 things in mind.

  • Insert it into your keyboard’s USB port and
  • Then use Bluetooth to connect your device
  • If your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth, you will need to plug a USB receiver into one of the available USB ports on your computer.

Perks Of Having A Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards has been the trend from the past few years, there are some extra benefits that a wireless keyboard provide compared to awired keyboard. Some of those perks are listed here.

1. No Restriction To Roam About

One of the perks of using a wireless keyboard is that it allows for mobility. Depending on the type of technology it uses, a wireless keyboard usually has an 8-35 ft range. This means that you are able to use the wireless keyboard from anywhere in your workspace. You can control your whole system anywhere within that space, despite of whether you lying on a bed or having popcorn while sitting on a super soft couch.

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2. Easy Portability

Another thing that could help in that case would be wireless keyboards that make traveling more comfortable because they are lighter and don’t need cords for connection like you can keep in your pants pocket. If your wireless keyboard includes a USB receiver, then you’ll never need to worry about bringing it with you when traveling because the receiver will always be attached.

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless
Portable Wireless Keyboard

If you have a wireless Bluetooth keyboard then it doesn’t need anything to send data and connect to your laptop. This means that you can easily use this while traveling because there are no cords or receivers needed.

3. Mess-Free Workspace

What you will gonna love most about wireless keyboards is the freedom they provide. Cables are no longer an issue, giving me room for other gadgets on my desk. That’s why you don’t need how hide cables or wires of around your workstation. This is main reason why most of the people prefer wireless keyboard these days, so they should.

If you’re an organization nut who doesn’t like clutter on your desk, using a wireless keyboard will make your workspace look clean and modern. You’ll be able to style your workspace the way you see fit. That’s why gaming is now become more of a hot news due to these amazing keyboard for gaming or graphic designers 

4. Allows Multiple Connections At Once

Wireless keyboards are designed to connect and control multiple devices simultaneously, so you can switch between them easily without hindrance.

5. Increased Flexibility When Using

Wireless keyboards save lots of room and you can position your keyboard for a more enjoyable experience. This is one of the reasons for the wireless USB keyboard being so trendy.

By arranging the keyboard in relation to your natural posture when typing – even after long hours of typing – you will not experience pain in any part of your body. That will eventually make you more efficient, fast, and most importantly more productive as far as your work is concerned.

6. Could Be A Exceptional Alternative

If your computer keyboard malfunctions or has a few bugs, getting a wireless replacement for it can be a quick and cost-effective fix for those who need to continue using the device. Most wireless keyboards are universal – which means they will work with any device from different manufacturers – so once you get your built-in one fixed you can use your new wireless option with your smartphone or tablet too.

Drawbacks Of Having A Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards offer many conveniences for those wanting to have an uncluttered workspace. But having said that, they come with few downsides as well, here are few of them.

How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless
How To Make A Wired Keyboard Wireless

1. Will Need A Charge Up

Wireless keyboards are typically equipped with a small radio transmitter. As is the case with all radios, they require power to work. If your wireless keyboard’s battery dies – which happens inevitably – you will no longer be able to use it. For this reason, it is important that you always keep spare batteries available or purchase a backup wired keyboard just in case of emergencies.

2. Privacy Insecurities

Wireless keyboards, at times, can pose a security threat. Cyber criminals would need to install keyloggers onto your device in order to intercept what you type on a wired keyboard. However, intercepting signals from wireless keyboards is much easier–in fact all they require is an antenna and decryption software. A majority of wireless keyboards aren’t encrypted, leaving whatever you say wide open for someone else to see. In order to fix this problem, we recommend using either a wired keyboard or one that uses Bluetooth technology–which are both secured by design.

Finals Thoughts

The summary of this guide will be wireless keyboards have gotten much attention lately from computer users due to the convenience they offer. Maximum computer heads want to keep their workstations mess-free so they hate a lot of the wires and cables. As such, they usually prefer wireless keyboards compared to wired keyboards. And you can convert a wired keyboard into a wireless keyboard and vice versa as well. But how can you convert a wired keyboard into wireless? LOL! I think we already have told the whole process of converting a wired keyboard into a wireless keyboard with you above in this post quite well. It’s up to you which stuff you find more comfortable.

And that’s all from this article, Though we’ve done our best to keep these directions clear and concise, there may be some parts which are difficult to understand. In the event of any difficulties following these steps please feel free to leave a comment below so that we can address your questions or concerns right away.

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