How To Reduce Keyboard Noise When Recording – 5 Methods

We live in an era where videos play an important role in our daily lives and on the internet. Many YouTubers make tons of videos and publish them on their social media accounts. Where many simple and small problems can face by many creators. These are simple but no one can put the solution to them. Today we also discuss the same problem that can face by many YouTubers. In youtube, many YouTubers and many agencies publish lots of podcasts. In these podcasts, many YouTubers face the problem while recording like keywords are background sounds in their podcasts or in their video. 

So, here we can tell you how to remove keyword sounds from mice as well as background sounds. It will also help you if you are a streamer because many streamers can face the same problem while streaming and their audience complain about it.

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5 Methods On How To Reduce Keyboard Noise When Recording

There are lots of methods that you follow but some of the unique methods that you can follow and find the best solution for your need I will tell you the most effective methods that you can use to get rid of.

How To Reduce Keyboard Noise When Recording
How To Reduce Keyboard Noise When Recording
  • By Installing A Pop Filter
  • By Adjusting Your Microphone Setting
  • By Repositioning The Mice Or Keyboard
  • By Using A Silent Keyboard Or Modifying Your Keyboard
  • By using A Keyboard Shield

1. By Installing A Pop Filter

The best and easiest way to remove keyword sound is to install the pop filter. It will help you to solve the problem that you are facing. A pop filter is actually a piece of mesh that you can place at the end of your keyboard and it will remove all of the keyboard sounds from your mic. It will help you to remove loud sounds also from your video. It will help you to talk clearly with your audience or your podcast member. It is the best option for you to remove keyboard sound when recording.

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2. By Adjusting Your Microphone Setting

If the first option will not get you out of this problem then you may try the second one. It will help you out. If you are still facing the same problem then you may try this. You just news to check out your mice and go to their settings and then refollow the steps that I recommend to you.

    • You just need to go to Control Panel.
    • Then click on Hardware And Sound.
    • Then you click on Manage Audio Devices then the list is open find your mice and then click on it.
    • Then click on Properties and then on Levels and the sild will appear.
    • Then decrease it to 20dB
    • Then come again on Properties and click on Enhancement.
    • Then you check out Noise Suppression.
    • This will ensure that your mice will not catch keyboard sounds.

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3. By Repositioning The Mice Or Keyboard

The next method is not for streamers it is only for YouTubers that can cover podcasts. If your keyboard is still making too much noise. Then you need to put it far away from your mic it will give you the best results. You ever see.

 But as the mic is only for the purpose to catch the voice if this is still catching the voice then you need to choose Second Method it will definitely help you out to get rid of it. This method is only for podcasters that can reposition their keyboard and mice to solve the problem of keyboard sounds.

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4. By Using A Silent Keyboard Or Modifying Your Keyboard

The next method to remove keyboard sounds from the mic is that you can use silent keyboards that can not make any noise. If there is no noise then the problem is solved easily. There are lots of silent keyboards in the market that you can use to solve these problems. To find good quality keyboards you just need to click our silent keyboard word it will help you to select the best silent keyboard.

   If you are trying the keyboards that can create noise in your videos. Then the best recommendation for you can change your keycaps to O-Rings keycaps. These types of keycaps will help you to solve the problem of noise that your previous keyboard makes. These keycaps can produce very much low noise as compared to other keycaps. Most of the mechanical keyboards come with Cherry MX switches. That can make a lot of noise and these are also many expensive and they come in different colors like red, blue, black, etc. You can change these switches to O-Ring switches, which they will make low noise that may be your mice cant capture.

5. By using A Keyboard Shield

The last method to remove keywords sound from mice is that you just need to use the Keyboard Sheild. It is actually a piece of rubber are any other material that can help your keyboard keys to produce no sounds. It is an inexpensive safety rubber for your keyboard keys that can also prevent your keyboard keys to get dirty and also it is most effective to remove keyboard noise. These are easily available on amazon you can find them out and also buy from there. It will effectively best for this problem and 100% solve your problem.

This is also most effective for those who can use membrane keyboards because it works 100% for these types of keyboards and many shields are available for these keyboards. It also works on mechanical keyboards but most effectively on membrane keyboards. There are many types of shields are available in the market that you can use to reduce your keyboard noise from the mic.


Keyboard noise is very annoying and many streamers and YouTubers got a solution to this it will also affect your audience, especially streamers because it’s heard very bad while you are streaming and most of your audience can exit your stream because of that. 

So, we provide you with a solution for how to reduce keyboard noise when recording. There are some of the methods listed above you can solve problems easily by reading them.


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