Why Do Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard? – 6 Reasons

If you are a game lover then it is true that you must watch all the tournaments which are related to the game that you like. In watching the tournaments you noticed that many gamers, especially the best streamers or professional streamers could have their keyboard tiled at any angle when streaming. It looks strange when you see them for the first time but there is a great reason for them. If you don’t about that I will explain it to you in the next line.

  “Pro Gamers Tilt their Keyboard while gaming because the main reason behind that is to aim properly and get more accurate aim at their enemy. As we know that in a disk there is not too must space available where you can move your mouse properly. That’s why professional gamers tilt their keyboard to aim properly and they can play properly”

But lots more problems can face by every gamer and solve that they will tilt their keyboard. In the action games like Pub G, Volant, etc. The aim is very important that’s why they can tilt their keyboard to move their mouse in more spaces and get accurate aim. When I saw this type of thing while I watching games it looked strange to me then I make researched this then I realized Why Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboards.

Here in this particular blog, I will tell you the best reasons for this trend that what are the other reasons that gamer can tilt their keyboard.

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Reason Why Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard

Why Do Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard
Why Do Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard

There are lots of reasons for tilting the keyboard but some most important and most effective reasons for this problem are listed below. You just need to read it properly.

  • Because of space or desk area.
  • It allows more area for mouse movement.
  • It helps the gamer access more and more keys and plays well.
  • The best thing is it provides you comfort and you can focus well.
  • Another reason is that one may have a habit of doing this.

If you are in the mood to read that to get the full answer to your query then watching the following video by theScore esports will get the job done.

1. To Save Disk Area

 Many gamers can tilt their keyboard because they want to save disk space. Every gamer can do this only when it is in the tournament because in a tournament there is very less space in their disk. Due to this, they can not move their mouse properly and they went fail to put aim at their enemy. It is also a very much serious problem.

Many gamers lose their tournaments because of this particular problem. So, Most Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard to expand the spaces to move their mouse easily. In gaming tournaments, there is very less space that provides to the gamer. In any tournament, there are many gamers so they will get less space on average in LAN events every gamer has limited space. 

 On the remarks and guess calculation, each gamer will contain approximately 2-3 feet where they play the game. This space is not a lot to work within an action game. Because of that reason, gamers can tilt their keyboards.

2. Space That You Can Save While Tilt Their Keyboard

On the remarks, it depends upon the gamer how much they tilt their keyboard. By the analytics of google, it is seen that most gamers tilt their keyboard and mostly use 30-35 and 40-90 degrees approximately. But according to common sense that it works on the principle that the tilt your keyboard the more you save space.

3. Allows More Area For The Movement Of The Mouse

As we the most important aspect of gaming is the best and high fluid mouse should be needed. In many streams, you can find that many of the streamers can make those flick shoots in their house while streaming through their house. Because the mouse has a greater area to move. While in the tournament you can see that there is very little space required for the gamers to work. To make those flick and amazing shoots mouse should require a greater area to work.

 Pro Gamer Tilt Their Keyboard because they want to move their mouse properly and do an amazing shoot and create history. As we know that the desk in tournaments is not so long which creates problems with desk space.

To our come this problem many gamers can tilt their keyboard to get more space on their desk and they will play amazing shorts in tournaments.

How Much Tilt Our Keyboard Will Enhance Our Mouse Movement

There are lots of answers to this particular question but this will explain properly on youtube along with a video that how much tilt the keyboard will enhance mouse movement. Check out this amazing video by TheDryerNewt

4. Help To Acess More Keys

Another best reason for tilting the keyboard is to access more keys. As we know that in every game keyboard keys play an important role in gameplay many of the movements are controlled by keyboard keys. Most of the characters in the game are controlled by keys on the keyboard,

Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboards to access more keys as we know that there is not so much space available on desks. Due to this, every gamer can tilt their keyboard. As keys play an important role in winning and losing.

Because in every gameplay there are lots of commands and shortcut keys that can be operated quickly to execute quick actions. For example, In Pub G there are lots of shortcut keys that are used for different actions like sitting, jumping, firing, reviewing, etc. It will quickly be operated to win the games and they contain many shortcut keys like (A, D, W, Z, S, H, G), etc to execute the action on time.

But tilting the keyboard will help you execute the same command at the same time. Tilting of keyboards helps you to operate the same key which is required at the same time. Due to that particular reason, gamers can tilt their keyboards to make their action quickly without any stress or stretching their figures. It will also help them in a panic situation that they can operate the same key required at that time.

5. Provides Comfort

The best reason for tilting the keyboard is that it provides comfort. If you are the podcaster you must ask the question from any gamer Why do Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard? Most of them answer that it is more comfortable and it also makes sense. As you saw that while typing we also tilt our keyboard because the main reason is that our wrist is working at a 20-30 degree angle and when the keyboard is not at that angle our wrist is not in a natural position and we feel uncomfortable. The same reason in the case of gaming their wrist is not at the natural angle that’s why they tilt their keyboard.

Many gamers lose their game if they don’t know about the techniques like tilting their keyboard to execute the same keyword. Pro gamers can know how much tilting their keyboard will provide an area where they move their mouse quickly and accurately.

Best Angle For Tilting

As we know too much tilting is not good it will also affect our wrists to strain. the best angle for tilting your keyboard is 15-30 degrees last if you tilt more from them your wrist must be effective.

6. Anyone’s Habit

Tilting of keyboard is also someone’s habit. Many gamers can use this technique for a long time and its become their habit. They will play amazingly if the keyboard is tilted according to them. This habit will take them the psychology thing that than ever.

They feel and their mind tells them they play amazingly when the keyboard is tilted. due to this reason, Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard. It become their habit I am also typing and coding writing now it’s my habit that my keyboard is tilted right now and I don’t know how I did this for the first time but it is my habit.


Now you can see Why Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard. The solution to this problem is straightforward. If you are a gamer and want to get rid of then you may choose that keyboards that can tilt easily and give you greater area for your mouse movement. Check out the list below that which keyboard is best for you.

  • Anne Pro 2 (That is 65% layout)
  • Logitech G915 (Which layout 62%) 
  • Razer Huntsman (Specification in the layout is 60%)
  • Ducky One 2 Mini (layout is 60%

These are options for you to buy and get rid of that problem. Because these keyboards will easily be tilted and give you the best experience ever.


Pro gamers in tournaments apply different short methods to win the tournament and tilting of keyboard is also their method to get the edge over their enemy.

So, our blog is related to this confusion that Why Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboard. This is all about that you just need to read our blog it contains much information according to your queries.


 You’ll inevitably have a lot of questions after reading the blog, but we’ll answer some of the most common ones first. Which are listed below.

Why Do Gamers Turn Their Keyboards Sideways?

Many of the pro gamers titled their keyboard in tournaments and events. They have less space to work with. Due to this pro gamers sideways their keyboard. Press keys easily and maximize space.

Why Do Pros Play With A Keyboard Vertical?

To maximize most of the space from their desk. Pro gamers titled their keyboard. To do amazing clusters pro gamers tilted their keyboard. Due to this their mouse gets most of the space which helps them to get better aim.

There are much more questions in your mind. Most of your questions are answered in our blog “Why Do Pro Gamers Tilt Their Keyboards”.

You must read the blog carefully and you got answers to that.

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