Why Do Some Gaming Mice Have Holes? – 5 Reasons

When purchasing a gaming gadget, a good quality mouse is the most important part of the process. A decent mouse makes all the difference in the world when it comes to playing video games. A bad mouse will only hinder a player’s ability to perform well, which is why investing in one that fits your needs is so important.

We have seen new companies come out with their own line of gaming mice each with unique features and designs in recent times. Some are good, while others are considered not so great. But did you know about the incredible holed mouse? If you are interested in gaming, especially if you follow professional gamers, then chances are you have come across people who own mouse pads with holes in them. And if you’re curious why they would do this, well, we will get you covered here.

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This post is all about why some gaming mice have holes.

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Why Do Some Gaming Mice Have Holes?

Here are a few explanations of why some gaming mice have holes.

Why Do Some Gaming Mice Have Holes
Why Do Some Gaming Mice Have Holes

1. Minimizes Wrist Fatigue

When you’re gaming, it feels like hours go by so quickly. It could be dark outside and people are trying to call out your name when you finally realize what time it is.

Gamers spent hours at a time stuck to their keyboards and mice, never taking breaks. They constantly make quick and small movements of their hands, which can lead to discomfort and even pain in the wrists. But gaming mice with holes for your fingers can help minimize this fatigue. The holes in the mouse make it much lighter, which means you won’t strain your wrists while using it. Most gaming mice with holes provide a place for your fingers to rest, which can reduce wrist fatigue with its ergonomic design.

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2. Betters Flow Of Air

Gamers who experience excessive sweating while playing games may find themselves struggling with the mouse because their hand is too slippery. They might even need to stop for a moment to wipe the sweat from their palms and dry their mouse, interrupting their flow of playing. This is specifically true during these hot, muggy days of summer.

Gaming mice with holes in them offer improved airflow which can keep your hands from sweating and make it easier for you to grip the mouse and avoids your hands from sliding. Moreover, there are holes on the underside of the mouse that allow air to flow through. This prevents sweat from accumulating between your fingers when you use it for extended periods of time.

Also, the holes will also help keep the mouse cool. Interesting? Well, now you will stop searching why do some gaming mice have holes. If you suffer from sweaty hands when using your computer, using a cooling mouse can make all the difference.

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3. More Gravitative In Appearance

Some people do not care about how their gaming mouse looks. However, for those who find it important, aesthetics & looks can be just as critical to performance. And it’s impossible to deny the fact that gaming mice with holes have a distinct and attractive look that sets them apart from old mice. This whole-like design gives them a sleek futuristic look that adds an extra touch of elegance and personality to your gaming eco-system.

Why Do Some Gaming Mice Have Holes
Why Do Some Gaming Mice Have Holes

So, if you’re someone who enjoys a great gaming experience (and want it to look good too), a mouse with holes might be just what you need. I think this point kind of answered your query “Why Do Some Gaming Mice Have Holes“.

4. Thinner In Weight

When you’re gaming, the weight of your mouse can make all the difference between victory and defeat. The reason is simple and that is a lighter mouse will always be easier to handle, requiring less energy and skill in order to make it go where you want it to go.

Most old gaming mice come in weight ranges from 85 grams to 115 grams. Light models can be as low as 80 grams while heavier ones may go up to 150 grams. Though, gaming mice that has a whole-like design have increased the easiness and made the weight more of lighter now as some of them come in ranges from 60 grams to 70 grams.

So the summary is gaming mice with holes provide an additional weight advantage over other gaming mice. You’ll be able to shift things around much more easily, and you won’t need as much strength to lift them.

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5. Allows Maximum Controlling

If you want to perform better in-game, then controlling your character’s movement is of utmost importance. To do this effectively, you need a mouse that feels comfortable in your hand; one that will make playing the game easier for you.

Many people feel more comfortable when they use a mouse designed for their specific hand size. If you have smaller hands, you may find it difficult to play video games using a larger traditional mouse because it can become cumbersome and affect your accuracy and speed during gameplay.

Gaming mice with holes let you have a comfortable grip for those who have smaller hands in specific. The openings are where you can place your fingers in a more natural position, which provides better control over the mouse.

Another advantage of having such mice is that the smaller size of these mice can also help with accuracy in aiming. The holes will also ensure reduced weight which makes it easier to make precise moves that are required by certain games such as those requiring fast reflexes and quick reactions.

What Do You Call A Gaming Mouse With Holes?

A mouse with holes is not the correct terminology for this kind of mouse. Honeycomb mice are more commonly called these types of gaming mice; because just like a beehive, they have tiny hexagonal openings on the surface all over them. 

The holes are a crucial part of the mouse because they shave off unnecessary weight and make it easier to hold onto. Plus, the honeycomb pattern also prevents air from getting trapped around the mouse which would keep your hand nice and cool even after long hours of gaming.

After the introduction of honeycomb mice, other gaming brands released similar designs including wave and ripple.

Are Mice With Holes Better?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a mouse and what type of experience you’d prefer.

However, if you’re looking for a comfortable mouse that has better airflow and a stylish design, then getting one with holes would be the best option. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and has smaller dimensions. This can make it easier for you to use if you have small hands and need something that will give you better control over the cursor than a standard-sized mouse.

Although, for gamers who are used to a lower sensitivity setting on their mouse – there might not be enough precision offered by this device. In addition, the lightweight design can make it more difficult to make tiny movements precisely.

It is difficult to definitively state whether or not gaming mice with holes are better than traditional ones. It all comes down to what feels best for you personally. If you prefer a mouse with an air-filled grip, then you should definitely try one out. On the other hand, if this doesn’t sound appealing but are unsure about what does suit your needs best- simply sticking with tradition might be for the best for now!

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Are Gaming Mice With Holes Durable?

When you look at this mouse, it may seem like its durability has been compromised by the holes because they allow dirt and dust inside which can damage the internal electronics. It also seems more likely to break if it falls from a height due to how light-weighted these mice are now.

But in truth, most gaming mice with holes are actually just as durable as traditional mice without them. With this comes the sturdiest materials that can endure the harshness of games. And the slots for these mouse holes themselves often come reinforced to stop them from ripping.

Some gaming mice with holes may not be as durable as others, depending on their price range. For instance, the Glorious Model D is a gaming mouse that offers an excellent honeycomb-style design. created from high-quality materials, this model is worth looking at for those looking for an attractive yet functional addition to their gaming setup. But going with a budget honeycomb gaming mouse such as the BENGOO KM-1 may not stand up to heavy wear and tear.

Simplifying it even further, the holes do not weaken the mouse. There is no need to worry about this because it does not affect its structure whatsoever. It all depends on brands and budget as far as durability goes though.

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Final Words

A holey or honeycomb mouse may seem peculiar at first glance, but they do have their advantages. We did our best to let you answer your query “why do some gaming mice have holes” to the maximum detail. We hope you are gonna like this small of ours to the max as well.


Why are there holes in some gaming mice?

Most of the gaming mice have holes on the surface because it offers more accuracy in performance. For example, these mice have lightweight, and aiming is easy with these such mice as compared to traditional mice out there. They allow more quick reactions while gaming which is essential in gaming.

Do honeycomb mice get dirty?

The answer is simple and that is the honeycomb mice have a whole-like surface all over them so, dirt gets into them very easily and that makes honeycomb mice dirty.

How do you clean model o holes?

To answer this question we are suggesting you to watch out the following amazing video from BarTech Tv.